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BERNARDI is the first company to process broiler meat in East Java. Another memorable thing in the history of the company is the BERNARDI Burger story. Many people don’t know, BERNARDI was the pioneer of burgers in Surabaya and its surroundings long before the American fast food franchise entered Indonesia. Starting in 1989 through the “Burgeria” brand, BERNARDI introduced burgers from door to door with burger rickshaws.

more than 30 years full heartedly bernardi standing and serving Indonesian consumers

In 1989 stood PT. Eloda Mitra, where the company then expanded into the meat processing, canned food and bakery industries with its products using the BERNARDI brand. The bakery division is also growing and succeeding, not only producing burger buns but also creating cake products on an industrial scale, namely GOLD CAKE. The product is marketed under the RIOUS brand and receives a very good response from customers. Along with that, research in Bakery products continues to create and produce superior products. Until now, BERNARDI continues to research and improve products continuously and continuously, considering that quality and innovation are the main values of the company.


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Visit From Persit Candra Kirana – Malang

Thanks to Persit Chandra Kirana Kodam Brawijaya Malang for visiting our factory. For info on visits/cooking kids at the Eloda Mitra Factory or Bernardi Factory Shop, you can call 0811 35 888 35

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