Bernardi’s successful journey is not achieved in a short period of time. More than 30 years full of persistence and hard work has passed since Bernardi was first established in 1980. The company prides itself on being the pioneer of broiler meat processing industry in East Java. One of the most memorable events in the company’s history was the story of Bernardi’s Burger. Only a few know that Bernardi was the first to introduce Burger in Surabaya and its surrounding areas long before any American fast food restaurants expanded its portfolio to Indonesia. In 1989, Bernardi- with its popular brand “Burgeria”- started to sell its burgers and hotdogs from house to house using rickshaw.

PT. Eloda Mitra was later founded in 1989, in which the company spread its wings to meat processing, canned food, and bakery industry, under the brand name “Bernardi”. The bakery division has also grown significantly throughout the years, producing not only burger buns, but has successfully created an industrial scale GOLD CAKE. Known for its distinctive brand name “RIOUS”, the product has gained positive responses from customers. Along with this remarkable success, the research in bakery division is then retained and continued in order to create high quality products, as both quality and innovation have been two values appraised by this company.