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Dyandra Convention Center Bernardi is coming to town.. For you, to all Surabaya citizen, w...

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Launching Bernardi Website


Today on 20 December 2013, the new Bernardi website is launched. This is expected to be a ...

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New Recipes

Bahan: BERNARDI Sosis Sapi/Ayam 4 bj Kulit pangsit (kecil) 20 lbr Wortel potong seperti korek api 150g Taoge 100g Bawang putih 2 siung Bawang bombay ¼  bj WEIWANG Beef Stock ½ sdt UMAMI Bumbu lezat serbaguna ½ sdt Minyak goreng … Continued

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Smoked Sausages

2 table spoons olive oil
1 onion
1 cup of peas
8 sausages
2 table spoons of keens curry powder
2 table spoons of plain flower
2 table spoons of cream
2 cups of chicken stock

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