About Us

PT. Eloda Mitra is a company engaged in meat processing industry that offers frozen/ chilled food, canned food, and bakery products. Some of its well-known products are Bernardi’s Meatballs. Sausages, Burgers, and Smoked Beef. Bernardi is also famous  for its canned foods, such as Corned Beef, Bernardi Liver Paste, Sup Merah, and Ethnic Foods (Rendang, Rawon, Soto Daging, etc).  Armed with the motto “A Tradition in Meats”, Bernardi preserves its quality through modern processing with international standard while keeping its traditional flavor alive.

At the moment, the Burger Bun is the most successful bakery product and Gold Cake, with a brand name RIOUS, gains the best appreciation from customers.

In addition to BERNARDI & RIOUS, PT. Eloda Mitra is proud to introduce several other brands, such as VITALIA, PRIMA, and ABBY’S under its management. With a vision to be the leader in meat processing and the customer’s first choice bakery manufacturer, this company strives to ensure customers’ satisfaction through its high quality products, which are safe, healthy, innovative, and halal by focusing on the safety management system and environmental sustainability. In short, the company promises to continually improve its quality of products to meet the customer’s satisfaction.